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Trade, development, and logistics solutions, Israel-China

About us:

At Smart Source China, we enable entrepreneurs, online stores, and companies to establish product development and trade relationships with China.

We have over 15 years of proven experience and a track record of cooperation with leading companies in the tech, cosmetics, e-commerce, and other industries.

We assist with meticulous, responsible, and reliable work, from the product development stage to the distribution chain.

Our team is a professional Israeli-Chinese-Hong Kong group specializing in product development solutions, product adaptation for mass production, sourcing goods, and logistics solutions. We have active experience in the development, manufacturing, and commercial sale of products across various fields.

We are proud to be the leading innovators in the evolving Israel-China trade landscape

We Are Your Reliable and Trusted Sourcing & Trading Professionals in China 

We take pride in our technological, manufacturing, and logistical experience, alongside our business and marketing expertise, which enables us to support our clients hand in hand from the early stages of a project. We also have the ability to see the complete picture of the product supply chain, all while considering and planning for the commercial and distribution stages of the product.

Successfully led projects
Newley developed projects
Skilled team members
Years of cooperation

Product Customization for Mass Production

Leading the prototype development in a professional process that adapts it for mass production. Manufacturing jigs, molds, and electrical circuits. Managing pricing strategy, building BOM (Bill of Materials), overseeing the production process, production QA, mass production ramp-up, and more.

Product Development or Sourcing Unique Components

Planning the development strategy, specification document, product development strategy planning according to commercial requirements, providing prototypes, product documentation, conducting QA, and making improvements until the product is approved for production.

Sourcing Goods

Sourcing and supply of products and components. Managing the process of locating factories, evaluating minimum order quantities (MOQ), negotiating prices with factories, ordering samples, conducting factory audits, customizing products according to client requirements, planning and pricing the logistical solution, and managing it.

DOOR TO DOOR Logistical Solutions

Assisting in finding a variety of online and offline shipping solutions

The companies that have chosen to work with us

Join the ranks of leading companies in the global market that have taken the important step towards international trade

Our Team

Cora Chen 陈海韵

Sourcing Manager China

With over 15 years of industry experience, specializing as a trade manager adept at sourcing goods in cosmetics, packaging solutions, toys, and electronic devices. Has worked with various mass production companies such as KAMTOYS, LEAP FROG, and others. Maintains a diverse network across China. Efficient and sharp in product sourcing, pricing, negotiation, supply chain management, and logistics.
*Fluent in English.

Roy Ma 马园

China CEO

Electronics engineer, business development manager, and e-commerce manager at leading companies such as KAMTOYS, LARK BAGS, LEAP FROG, and others, with over 15 years of extensive experience in the industry in China. Highly networked, managed product development processes, and supply to companies like Walmart, Souq.com, Altman, and more.
*Fluent English speaker.

Zev Perlmutter

Israel Business Development

Industrial designer, product manager, entrepreneur, and business development manager with nearly 20 years of experience in product development, business and strategic planning, manufacturing processes in China, branding, business development, and online and offline product marketing. Past and present partner in several technological and commercial ventures.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ensure that product quantity and economic feasibility are considered. Verify professional readiness for all stages of product transition, from prototype to mass production. Secure a “golden sample” agreement (a standard for mass production). Implement thorough and professional quality assurance (QA).

China is today a powerhouse of manufacturing and quality. Beyond the ability to source and manufacture any product there, costs are low, allowing for purchasing existing products or producing in low quantities with the ability to scale over time. Diligent and structured work with the Chinese yields high-quality and unique products that cannot be manufactured in Israel, Europe, or the USA at reasonable costs.

The selection of a professional goods sourcing management team, connected network, and possessing expertise and experience, is critical. It can make the difference between a successful project and failure. At every stage of the process, it’s crucial to have clear delineation, planning, setting timelines, and controlling the process, as well as the quality and outcomes of products, components, or samples. Adhering to budgets from defining target product prices, prototype and sample costs, considering sample shipping costs, maintaining direct communication with the sourcing team, and ensuring everything is monitored and organized to draw conclusions regarding the feasibility of production and its execution.

Consider in your plan the maximum costs associated with air or sea shipping. Ensure the type of shipment (EX, FOB, CIF, etc.). Obtain from the Chinese or Israeli shipping company acting as an intermediary the full costs and all components: cost per weight or volume unit, inland shipping costs in China and Israel, storage, release, port fees, VAT, customs duties, etc. This will help prevent surprises and unpleasant surprises in project management. Our role is to ensure delivery times and verify that all necessary paperwork and regulations are suitable for shipping.

  • The failure points in the process include:

    1. Confusion between approved product versions or BOMs and incorrect manufacturing or ordering of products.
    2. Failure to consider all costs of the entire process.
    3. Lack of communication, coordination, and understanding between the ordering company, sourcing team, and manufacturing.
    4. Misunderstanding details; not compromising and conducting quality checks and verification via emails and signing off on critical stages.
    5. Relying on the reputation of factories and respected supply companies; conducting thorough due diligence is critical.
    6. Planning Plan B and C strategies.

Communication with the sourcing, development, and manufacturing teams is conducted in Hebrew with the team in Israel and in English with the team in China and Hong Kong. Correspondence takes place via emails and WhatsApp.

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